The Missional

The Missional started out as simply a blog and a Facebook page. I found myself on a particular path and was consistently resonating with some common themes, all centered around the idea of being a sent person alongside other sent people being sent to the people who are all around us. I needed a place […]

What Am I Thinking Here?

I had an idea to follow up, What Am I Doing Here with something of equal importance, what am I thinking here.  Anyone interested? So, here is just the warning.  I am a verbal processor.  I talk in order to figure things out.  It also works when I write too.  As the words fall out […]

What am I doing here?

There is always this little discontent that gnaws away in some deep recess of my psyche. I’m never quite sure why I always feel like I am somehow missing a deeper point, I just do. I try to live in the moment. I do that mostly because I really don’t do well with planning. With […]

St Patrick

I think that it is kind of fitting that today we would meet around the story of Saint Patrick.  His story and other stories like it have informed my world view and my Christian view since I first began to learn about his life, his call, and his legacy. It is the Jesus story that […]

From the Outside In

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein When I was trying to create a “box with a cross on top” kind of church in the church centric model, I came up with the slogan, Real People, Real Community, Real Jesus, Doing Life Together.  […]

Our Yondersea Family

Family as community; The reality we live in is that we are part of a community. We work around other providers in close proximity. That’s community. We have a steady stream of guests who come into our sphere of influence every time we walk into Yondersea. That is also community. Even when we leave this […]