A Jurassic Journey

I read in a book about early Celtic Christians that they didn’t separate their physical lives from their spiritual lives.  Making bread, doing laundry, cutting wood, plowing, these were all same to them as observing the sacraments, gathering for worship, or any other such associated thing.

Even before I read that particular book, I knew that was so descriptive of me.  I guess that why I was often called superstitious.  I thought that I saw the Divine hand and presence in most everything.  No, I don’t see God in a rock, but I see God all over how the rock became a rock, or even how it came to this place.  I don’t see a tree and think that it has a spirit (another Celtic distinctive, one I do not share), but I see The Spirit reflected all about how the tree came to be.

Without being too metaphysical, I think that I received a special message this morning.  Can I use the word, prophesy without sounding too kooky? It has the same to do with rocks and trees and stuff.  It was simply this,

the center of God’s will is not in your destination, it is in your journey.   

More specifically, my wife and I have had our joint imaginations tickled by the idea of going to a certain place and doing a certain thing.  This shared dream captured us and propelled us into some theoretical vision casting among ourselves and, quite frankly, we are enjoying it. We have done this before and we both get a lot of joy out of building oak sized ideas out of little acorn sized inspirations.  This one in particular is just the latest.

There are a lot of reasons for us not to go down this road of exploration, One is that it would take a miracle for us to financially make the idea come to pass.  The other that it would consume resources just to explore the idea, both of time and money. Of course there is also the effort involved in packing up two kids and taking a bonsai run across the west to look at something and test the waters and by all human standards the dream, the vision, the big picture will likely never come to be.

Angie and I like to call ourselves bread crumb Christians.  We follow the bread crumbs to wherever we feel we are being led.  In regards to this particular idea I told her we should follow the bread crumbs and see if this is God’s will.  This morning it hit me, the bread crumbs are God’s will.  It isn’t whether or not we buy this, sell that, or start the other thing.  It is the simple act of trusting enough that Kingdom purposes are accomplished simply but us following the crumbs and believing in enough for us for today.

So, with all the reasons that I have and I am going to come up with to not venture out, I am setting my mind to the task, and I am determined that in a little over a week and a half I am setting out with my family gathered around.  We are going to go see where the dinosaurs once roamed, and maybe even look at an old motel, too run down for the current owner to want to keep.  Maybe we can help with that.  But, the blessing for us and others is in the journey.

Wish us luck.

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