How Beauty Feels

Beauty is subjective. One likes the mountain while another likes the desert, and even another preferes the sea. One may like them thin the other thick, while another likes something in between. Perhaps it subjectivity is linked inexplicably with socialization. Perhapes it is God given, like so many other parts of ourselves, neither defective or prefered, it simply is what it is.

Beauty is rare. But then, maybe it is not. When He created, God thought everything quite dandy. In fact, He said it was good. Beautiful, in fact? What happens to us when beauty becomes common? Does it become less desireable over time? Maybe I am thinking that the beauty that surrounds us all raises the bar increasing the standard.

Beauty is learned. One way it is learned is by practiced cooperation. Artist, engineers, and archetects make it their life work to discover, replicate and create man made works of beauty. Craftsmen lay their hands with great care and love upon wood and stone and steel to transform raw material into a different kind of beauty and function.

Finally, beauty is felt. There is no beauty apart from feeling and i think that feeling is the function of soul. You can feel beauty physically. I am prone to take beauty through the eyes, though it is not restricted to a single sense. I cast my gaze across an object and it swells in size, its very presence in my field of vision making any other presence an unwelcome intruder. It begins in the back, somewhere near the back of the eye, warmimg as it moves forward. This feeling spreads over my face, often forcing a smile. It moves downward into my chest, spreadjng its warmth into the depth of my belly and tjngling its way into my extremities.

Beauty is God’s gift, i am convinced that the ability to perceive and experience, to vecome one with in some etherial sense, came to us when the Creator breathed His own breath into the nostrils of the created, and they became a living soul.

Through the years i have grown cold to beauty, As of late my heart has begun to thaw. I want to honor God and the gidt of beauty he gave by surrendering to it wherever i find it, to cooperate with it in such a way that respects the beauty and honors the Law of God. I committ myself to seeking the beautuful, pulling back the ice curtains hung around my heart. I commit to see, really see, and preserve for ithers as well.

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