Where Did It Go?

Where on earth (or not) did it go? That place, that thin place I’ve been talking about.  Did it just up and move?

Admittedly a lot has gone on since I last wrote about the thin place, the place where, if you were aware and made the most of the moment you could stand both on earth and in Heaven at the same time.  There is the whole pandemic, then the political unrest of the summer of 2020, followed by the same after the US Presidential elections were over.

Our little slice of heaven on earth was effected as well. People became less tolerant of each other, meaner even.  Agorophobia, anxiety, and depressions long fought back found footholds in lives and have fought to stake out their claim on the poor souls they torment.

Did our thin place move, or did our perception, my perception change? I read a post on social media by a dear friend from Illinois extoling the wonderful touch of the Divine that she experienced simply going to work and coming home here in the mountains.  It was a post I could have written a year ago.  Not today.

Truthfully, I have been changed.  I know that it is me.  It appears that the thin place is still here.  I simply cannot see it. Or perhaps it is moved for me alone.  That is not unheard of.  The Children of Israel in the desert, following of fire and smoke, the visible leading of the Holy Spirit, kept their tents facing it, so that when it moved, they would move.

Or how about Elijah at the brook of Cherith.  He was nourished and refreshed, but when God wanted him to move on, the providence dried up.  God has a way of encouraging our migration from where he wanted us to where he wants us.

I am not sure that is what is happening.  It may not be divine leading, it may just be that for the past year our certainty that things would be as they have and been turned to uncertainty about much of anything.  I have plenty to say about that too, but later. We have obligated our presence here for at least another year. During that year I am going to be looking, hoping, even longing to once again shower my soul in that thin place of Heaven’s downpour.

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