Harder Than Nothing, Easier Than Dieting

It has been a bit more difficult than I thought, the past three weeks. I seriously thought that starting out would be almost effortless. My wife and I agreed that our weight was totally out of control. We had lost and controlled our weight through a ketogenic way of eating, but had gotten away from that for a long time. We regained most of our losses.

We started again. A little different than the ketogenic way. We went all in with a carnivore eating plan in mind. 30 days. That is our commitment. A short 30 days to push back on the steady gains and maybe start heading the other way. That should be easy enough. At the end of the 30 we would reevaluate things and take whatever step we could.

I thought it would be easier because I’ve eaten mostly carnivore for the past two years or so. I say mostly because I went through months of adding unreasonable carbs to my total intake. I’m talking like pasta, spuds, and cheesecake. No wonder I gained weight, right? Those pesky pounds crept back on me one at a time, bite after carby bite. Truth is that the first couple of weeks were torturous. I was constantly obsessed with eating, both with eating and with not eating. Miserable

  1. I have indeed lost 15 pounds. I did that the first two weeks. The past week has only seen the loss of 1 pound.
  2. My energy level has increased and my overall pain level has decreased.
  3. My brain is quite a bit clearer, but with that has come a bit of anxiety the last few days. I will say that is mostly due to my attention being drawn to the news. It is still quite a struggle today.
  4. I am still obsessed with eating. Even when I don’t, I think about it. I think about other things just fine, but when I am not paying attention the thoughts seem to always focus on eating or not eating.

I’ve said this before, it is harder than nothing but easier than dieting. I would encourage everyone who wants the clearer mind and the less inflamed joints to join me. The weight loss should come around, just not as quickly or as easily as the weight gain It is a journey.


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