Let’s Switch Gears

I have been writing here for about ten years now. It isn’t really a blog. It is more of a journal. It is a journal of journey. The journey has been both physical and spiritual. I have loved sharing these anecdotes of our encounters with the physical and the metaphysical. Thank you for supporting that.

For over a year I have sat in this seat and typed in thoughts. Then I delete them. Or I just let them archive, to languish in forgotten mists of the archives. Blank screens. They taunt me. I love to write. I love to share. It seems so easy in my mind to imagine sitting and producing words worthy of reading, but the practice has been less than stellar.

Perhaps inspiration has struck. I am going to begin to blog topically. There are topics that are of great interest to me. Going forward there will be posts about weight loss, haircutting, silversmithing, Orlando theme parks. It is likely to be scattered. I hope you enjoy this journey as well. Thanks for sticking with me through the quiet months.



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