Let’s Talk Weight Loss

Anyone who has long term weight control issues is somewhat of an expert on dieting. Me too. Most of us have lost the weight of an entire aircraft carrier, or at least a heavy cruiser and a Sherman tank or two. We diet, we exercise, we loose. Then comes the reality that we are always fighting a gnawing hunger. The voices in our head continue to talk to us about food. They taunt us about eating. Sometimes they scream. They even placate us into thinking that we are in charge of our hunger.

Fit people, or people who have not had a long term battle with obesity cannot even begin to understand. They call names, sometimes try to make it sound better by using medical sounding words and obsolete sayings. They will even criticize under the guise of care. No one can really describe the overwhelming and constant terrible sensations of the battle against food noise in this horrible addiction.

Being a life long fat fighter, I have never been at the medically recommended body/mass raters since I was 9. I’m in my 60s. You do the math. I have been able to achieve a level of fitness that has allowed me to serve in the Armed Forces and to serve as a police officer. Up until the last five years or so my weight has not stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. I have lost weight. Lots of it. I’ve gained it back with the bonus pounds normally associated. This has been a lot of years wanting to experience the life of a smaller bodied person, with little or no result. Every life long owe weight person wants a smaller body, even the ones that have made peace with the body they have.

I reached a peak weight about 6 years ago. That is when my wife researched the ketogenic way of eating. She started listening to videos by Ken Berry MD. KenDBerryMD@KenDBerryMD

Over a period of 6 months, following a ketogenic way of eating, we both managed to loose a substantial amount of weight. Myself, still a hundred and ten pounds over my goal, found that the loss of even part of the weight I had been carrying made a substantial change in my everyday life.

I kept my weight off for about two years before it started sneaking back on. I had my suspicions that I was starting to gain, but I refused to acknowledge it. It would come back one holiday celebration, one reward dinner at a time. The period after my covid hospitalization saw the final 25 pounds come back. I was inactive and recuperating. I ate whatever was convenient.

I am fed up. Pun intended.

My wife was too. We made a pact to go for 30 days on a carnivore way of eating and see what that would do for us. We are nearing the end of the the thirty days and, even though we are adjusting to what our bodies are telling us, we are experiencing both scale and non scale victories. At the 25 day point I have only positive things to say about this way of eating,

  1. We lost a lot of the water in our bodies that clustered around our joints and our organs. That reduced chronic pain tremendously.
  2. Our satisfaction at meals was increased. We began eating less.
  3. Our minds became clearer
  4. Our hope to someday be the smaller people we want to be was rekindled.

I am having to make some adjustments regarding some medication I started taking. That said, this way of eating is sustainable. The cravings for bread and pasta are all but gone. They are easily ignored.

The first two weeks were rough for me. The cravings and the food noise was off the chart. Alter 25 days I am down 16 pounds and have gone from 63 to 61 waist measurement. I am weighing whether or not I am willing to continue my medication and modify my diet to accommodate it, or to continue carnivore. The good feeling I have when eating this way is hard to surrender. I’ll tell you more later on.


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