Weight Loss Medication

The whole topic has gone viral on social media. Weight loss medication. Some consider it cheating. Some consider it a miracle. I see it more somewhere in the middle.

I began researching GLP1 agonist medications about a year ago. About 8 months before it became topic dejour on TikTok. At this point it is difficult to find much negative about those types of medications. At least not in their application. There is a great deal of controversy that comes from outside the usage circle. People who do not use those medications, or who don’t need them, tend to criticize those who do. Sometimes they get downright vicious about it.

At this point in time I have only one real point of concern. That is the long term effects of using these medications on the human body. I mostly mean, my body. I am concerned about yours, but just a bit. It is here at home that really makes me ponder and I weigh that into my opinions and choices.

The studies show that, when used for weight loss, these medications are quite possibly life long necessities. Since they are relatively new, (first approved in 2005) there is no certainty how the body will react to these medications at the 20, 30+ year mark. There are GLP receptors all through the body and there are no clear indications how the medicine effects those. There are many studies out, (dare I say millions?) on the long term effects of obesity. If you are a part of the struggle you don’t need me to repeat their findings.

No one wants to be obese. Many have been able to accept and love themselves in spite of it, but given the chance they would likely want to change. I am one of them. Later on I will write about what it is to be inside the head of one person, me. For now you have to take my word for it that it takes huge amount of effort over a life time in order to maintain weight loss that are usually unsustainable. Talk to the smaller bodied person about the activities they have left behind because their effort was unsustainable. They have them too.

One of the many commodities of obesity is type II diabetes. Most, if not all, of these medications were developed to address this disease. It seems that the GLP1 Agonist medications are very effective at regulating blood sugar in a more natural way than injecting insulin or taking pills like Metformin. Those lower your blood sugar from where it is at by a certain amount. I miscalculation can lower it too low causing serious side effects that include death. GLP1 medications use the bodies natural insulin response to blood glucose to normalize the levels. This is why non-diabetics can take the medications without risk of dying do to hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.

In studying the GLP1 medication it seems that it also had a tremendous effect on weight loss. It effects the hunger triggers in the brain. It shuts down the raging dictator in your mind that constantly screams at you to eat. It actually disconnects the act of eating from the emotional part of the brain, making it a function of necessity, rather a drive.

I have weighed out the pros and the cons. I have a wise counselor in my life who lovingly points out the “What ifs” of a decision. weighing what is known and what is unknown regarding obesity and this medication I have come to the conclusion that the balance has tipped significantly toward giving it a try. That is for me. You have to make your own decision, duh! Do the research for yourself. The topic is hot, viral, and ongoing so information is not hard to find. It is actually difficult to find scholarly arguments against using the medication. The very best cautionary response I have found is from Dr. Ken Berry. I have been following him for years and I trust his advice. I mean really trust his advice. At this time he does not appear to be a fan. You can watch his YouTube video at https://youtu.be/qDktT9noJEQ, or do a search using Dr. Ken Berry Semaglutide .

This could be the miracle you have been hoping for all your life, or it could be something with a hidden sinister side. Once you have knowledge you get to choose. You can say yes, no, or not no but not now. Let me know which you choose and why.


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  1. Seems there have been several times I have thought what happened. Each one of us has something that we struggle with if we were honest. Only by Gods grace and mercy have I been able to keep on keeping on. Medication weather prescribed or natural as used to assist with healing can have great benefits. I am only speaking my opinion on personal view. When I worked helping different ones I realized there is no one answer. All were different. To tell them they didn’t get this way over night, and it was not going to get better over night either seemed good advise. Saying that I must add easy said, hard to do. Don’t give up. Einstein took over 200+ times for a light bulb before he finally got it right. They said he failed all those 200+ times. He said no failures just that many steps to get it right. Fight the good fight. Prayers for your strength and wisdom. Leta

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