Different Opinions

I sat through another weight loss coaching session with the VA. The program is called, Move. They mean well. At least its on video, rather than having to drive to another group session. A few of the attendees text constantly to someone outside. One guy plays guitar. He has his mic muted. Some refuse to turn on their cameras at all. I think that is an act of mercy. But you cannot escape the theme.

There are studies after studies that back up virtually every health idea there ever was. I’ve read tons of the ones that support my Keto-vore way of eating. Their favorite idea is definitely not mine. Here are a few opinions that I have that are based upon hours and hours of research.

  1. Humans are ancestrally adapted to a high fat, meat based diet.
  2. Plants are survival food only when nothing else is available. Face it, some of them taste really good.
  3. All living things want to live. Animals use teeth, fangs, hooves and claws to keep from becoming your dinner. Plants have toxins that are disagreeable with human anatomy. They really do want to kill you back.

Now anecdotally. I feel better on an all animal product diet. I have more energy. My aged and abused joints protest much less. My brain is clearer. My body is slowly getting smaller. My labs are much improved, with the exception of blood glucose, which is a problem. Less of a problem while eating carnivore. It’s complicated.

I also eat a nearly all meat diet because it is simple. I don’t measure. I don’t read labels. I don/t calculate and I certainly don’t regulate. I know what is meat and animal based. I eat it only when I am hungry. I eat until I am sated. End of story. Like I keep saying, harder than nothing but easier than dieting.

Most dieticians promote a high carb, low proteins, and minimal fat way of eating. Since the nineteen-fifties, when the food pyramid first appeared, obesity has increased. They double down on their conclusions. People get even fatter. They have some success stories, but their overall record is abysmal. Reducing body fat by reducing calories using the food pyramid proves to be unsustainable. The overwhelming outcome is loss, regain, and bonus weight. I’m right there. I’ve done that a half dozen times.

So today I stuck my tongue in my cheek, kept my big mouth shut. I listened to how sweet potato toast is a great way to live and lose body fat. It might. I would rather have bacon and eggs. I lose fat eating that way. I get to eat until I am sated. Otherwise I walk around hungry. Grumpy. I guess the word is Hangry. No Bueno. So, I’ll eat meat. So many people do. So many doctors do. It is not just a fad. Dieticians just haven’t gotten the memo yet. Don’t throw away your charts and graphs, just urn that pyramid upside down. That’ll do some good.

Not every situation requires my opinion. That was a hard pill to swallow. People who already have an opinion really aren’t interested in mine. Rather than taking on the dietician world and their disproved theories of healthy eating, I’ll just write a blog. I’ll vent. I’ll go through their program just to get the good that is there, There is some. Then I’ll ignore the other stuff. Dare I say, eat the meat and spit out the bone?


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    Appreciate this content

    Kerry Jenkins


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