Bellingham WA

Bio: I am an entrepreneur and a tradesman,a dreamer and a visionary. I am a musician and a sailor, a father and a husband, but most of all I am a Christ follower. Everything I am hinges on that one truth, Christ in me!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! Coincidentally, I am actually taking a trip to Bellingham for the weekend to visit a friend. Are there any churches you would suggest I might visit on Sunday?


    1. I enjoy going to the mega church, CTK. If You are interested in a church that is more about being intentional and Missional in your place I would check out Lettered Streets Covenant Church. If you want grass roots hospitality and church plants I would check out The Bridge. All are straight up lovers of God and folks. If you get a chance, I have two barbershops, 2711 Meridian St in Bellingham and 2018 Main in Ferndale. Both are great places to experience community. Hope this helps.

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      1. Excellent, and thank you for the suggestions! I’d probably be most geared for the missions-based one as I’ve done quite a bit in the field. I’d love to check out your barbershop! (although I am completely bald, haha!). I’m not sure what my friend has planned for us to do, probably some hiking and exploring around, but I’ll definitely stop by and say hello if I have the chance!

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